Kota Kinabalu

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our flight to Borneo included an overnight stop over in Kuala Lumpar. We got off the plane at KL and were immediately hit by the heat and humidity! So much so that it was difficult to breath at first! The conditions were so humid that the short walk from the plane to the terminal left our skin and clothes damp and sticky! We got excited by it though as this is the weather from now on...short, tshirts, sunnies and flip flops!

Our airport hotel was quality, the bed felt like the most comfortable bed ever, plus aircon, plus nice shower = Heaven! We had to get up early so we couldn't take advantage of the swimming pool but made up for it by taking full advantage of the all you can eat breakfast! We couldn't contain our excitement by this point - food we like in unlimited quantities, we were very happy! Stuffed, we left for the airport to fly to Kota Kinabalu. En route to the airport we saw the Sepang race track where we will be watching the grand prix next month! Which will be amazing! 

Our flight was with Air Asia, which is the Ryan Air of Asia. We were a little bit over our 15kg baggage allowance so had to move things into our hand luggage or put them on,.stupid really as its all going on the plane either way! It really is a no frills airline, as everything costs extra. But they got us to Kota Kinabalu safely, and that's all that matters.

Kota Kinabalu is in Malaysian Borneo. 3 countries form Borneo; Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunai, we will only be going to Sabah which is Malaysian Borneo.

Our first impressions on landing was that everything was so clean and green. We were literally 5 minutes in the airport, jumped on a bus and went to find somewhere to stay. The hostels are more expensive here, at about £10-15 a night, but all with free breakfast/WiFi and we found somewhere very quickly. We wandered around town, which has lots of shopping malls with freezing cold air con blasting out - always comes in handy in this weather! 

That evening we went to the night market and ate BBQ squid and some type of fish, had a beer and went to bed. And that was it for the next 6 days. We both got ill and it had to be from the food. We went to the doctors after a few days and he gave us antibiotics. We'll spare you the details, but we weren't pretty!!

During those few days we didn't do much, just a few walks to find something to eat that we actually fancied or could stomach! 

Another 2 couples in our hostel were also ill and stayed about the same length of time as us. One of the couples were sat on the same bench as us that evening at the night market!

I think it was the fish having its revenge after we were moving its mouth and pretending it was talking!

When we felt better we decided to book ourselves onto a tropical island trip to chill out.

Mantanani  Island

We got picked up early for our trip and after 2 hours of driving we were on a really fast speedboat heading to the island. The sea was pretty calm so it was full throttle all the way. The first thing we could see of our island was the sand as it was glowing white! Gorgeous! Just what we needed!

We got there and we were shown to our accommodation which was a wooden hut on stilts just off the beach. It was basic but that's all you need. We went on a snorkeling trip in between sunbathing and swimming. We had a goodish night sleep and checked out. We still had the whole day so did some more r and r. We did hire a snorkel because we heard a fat Chinese kid say he saw a Nemo fish (clown fish). Kris was looking everywhere for them, and was just about to give up his search when he found them hiding in the reeds. The pictures of them came out quite well. They are funny and playful fish and are difficult to spot as they hide in a certain type of plant which is a similar colour to them. We had never seen them before so it was pretty cool.

The boat ride home was completely different, everyone on the boat was soaked as it was so choppy, the spray was getting us every time. Good fun though, and no sea sickness for Kris this time! It was a great couple of days to chill out have a swim and a snorkel, we are on holiday after all! 

We spent another night in KK and left for an early bus departure to Sandaken for hopefully more trips and less illness!!! 



Now this looks like the sort of travelling around the world I would like. It looks amazing!!!
So glad you both are feeling better. It looks amazing just what you really needed. My little girl still hasn't changed she still sticks out her tongue when she is having her photo taken XXXXXXX
Paul S
great pics. Did you realy see nemo!
It was great to see you both on Sunday, glad to hear your feeling better, and are chilling out at what looks a brill place and amazing beach, the fish are so colourful, wish I could snorkel you lucky pair. A least your in a warm place, we have had snow,and its freezing here at the moment.xxxxxx
Kris and Emma
It was a great break! There's so many similar islands - we could fill all our days like that here! And yep, we really did find Nemo. Emma specifically asked for the sticking her tongue out picture to be included! We have to say, we're not missing the cold of Britain!
Stevie G
Now that looks stunning! Didn't your mums tell you not to play with your food ;)

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