Kota Kinabalu 2

Saturday, February 11, 2012

With some time to kill in KK we decided to go on a trip to the Klias Wetlands about 100km away. It was from 2pm until 9pm and we would hopefully see the Proboscis Monkey in the wild. Borneo is the only place in the world too see them wild. So the official name is Proboscis Monkey, the locals call them Dutch Monkey (as Indonesians remarked that the Dutch colonisers often had a similarly large belly and nose!), but we know them as cock noses!! The male monkeys have ridiculous noses.

The cruise started well with tea, fried banana and sweet potato fritters which works quite well. It wasn't too long before we spotted our first group of the monkeys however they were quite far away in the trees so we carried on. We did find some closer ones later on, although there was no chance of them moving any closer thanks to a Chinese kid on our boat that was shouting 'ma ma' everytime he couldnt see his mum. The kid was about 14 and he carried on despite the ranger and others telling him to be quiet. We have encountered annoying Chinese brats before and have read that the single child policy they have in China is often the cause of this 'spoilt brat syndrome'. As they are only allowed one child, the parents smother the kid and they turn out annoying and uncontrollable.

We got a few good photos, although even the long lens we have (200mm) wasn't quite long enough! Those with a keen eye will see the male monkeys are displaying what looks like a Peperami!!

We had a really good dinner on the boat which included mashed potato and brocli, which sounds strange, but is a rare treat!

We waited for it to get dark so we could hopefully see fireflies. The ranger said the tree would light up like Christmas tree and fair play they did! It was amazing to see what looked like hundred of fairy lights flashing in the trees. The captain caught one and brought it to show us, they were surprisingly bright! It continued flashing as it flew away afterwards, very bizarre.

The next day we did not a lot apart from get supplies for our mountain climb attempt...



Great photos!! :-)
Paul S
Would love to see the fire flies
Emma and Kris
The fireflys were amazing. Certain trees had thousands of them in, all flashing at different times. They'd told us we'd see them, but they were more impressive than I'd imagined!!

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