Friday, February 17, 2012

We have arrived in Indonesia! We plan to visit 3 islands which are Java, Bali and Lombok. We arrived at Jakarta, capital of Indonesia in Java and the most populated island in the world! It sits in part of 'the ring of fire' volcanoes and has 121 active volcanoes out of 500 worldwide! Wowzer.

Jakarta has 12million people and it spread out over an area of 700km which is rather large! A monthly wage of £30 is considered very good. Its also nicknamed 'The Big Durian' which to me means the Big Stink, because although Durians may be a fruit, they stink so bad!

We got ushered into a taxi from the airport where we were greeted to Rage Against the Machine on v.loud! We found the hostel we booked after a little searching by the driver. Admittedly, it would have helped if I told him it was No.7 on a mile long road!

The hostel owner was there waiting for us. She gave us a welcome drink and told us where things were in the city. She said breakfast would be ready at 9.30.

We had a good sleep and woke to find breakfast all laid out on a table in the garden which was really nice. It's always nice to have your first meal sorted for you on the first day in a big city! The rest of the day we did absolutely nothing. We could still barely walk from the climb! We did however get money out...2,000,000 rupiah (£140)!

We did manage to walk to the 7-11, which was amazing. It was like a supermarket, cafe, restaurant and bar all rolled into one. We sat there and people watched for a while, which is one of our favourite past times! The best thing about 7-11's are Slurpee's which is a better slush puppie with better flavours! They're really for kids...and Kris.

There's not that many touristy things to do in Jakarta, whilst they have a SeaWorld and Zoo its not what we fancy and a bit pricey. So the next day we went to the train station to book our train out. We then went to the National Monument which is a tall concrete block with a golden flame on top. We got told it closed at 3, so with 10 minutes to go we rushed to the entrance. We got lost at first and went to the underground museum where we were greeted with about 100 school kids screaming 'heeelooo'! We found the entrance to the top but as the ticket office was closed, we had to slip the lift man 20,000 (a grand total of £1.40!).

We got to the top, took some photos and were back down in about 5 minutes. As there were no sights, the signs just showed you where hotels were and embassy buildings. Yawn!

When we made it to the bottom a different group of school children were outside and the teacher asked for a photo with the kids. He took one with our camera too. When we said we were from England the response was, 'awww England Orr wow'! This is the response we got there. Despite it being a large city with a large airport there was few tourists around and obviously very few British.

We went to goto the national museum only to see in the LP that it closed at 2.30pm! So that was it for sightseeing!

We sat outside 7-11 with a Bintang beer and did some more people watching, although we were the source of people watching for a lot of the locals here. We did get stared at a little which is surprising for a big city, and one as modern as it is.

We headed to a restaurant recommended to us by the hostel owner which was really good. The owner of the restaurant came to speak to us and said 'awww Eeengland ooh wow, never anyone from Eeengland'! After that we took a few pictures on the bridge (car lights).

We had breakfast waiting for us again at 6.30. The owner then gave us some sweets for the train and a pretty cool bookmark each for free. She was very helpful and welcoming.

Jakarta was a quick stop for us but was better than we thought. It's clean, tidy and the people have been nice. Not may people could speak English but we didn't struggle to get around or order things.

Not much else to say except that we saw a dancing monkey with a mask on.

Photos (a bit lacking in this post - sorry!)


Paul D
People watching sounds good after the stroll up the mountain. Probably what you needed
Jenny s
we have just got back from newquay (hotel not caravan) first thing we do is check your blog (dad is making a cup of tea) sounds good, we enjoy people watching or being nosey whatever you want to call it!
7-11 and Slurpy! Sounds like a great city!!

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