Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We arrived in Mancora at the ridiculous time of 4.30am after the bus curiously arriving 3 hours early! It wasn't a suprise to the tuk-tuk drivers that were waiting outside the bus which made us think they lied about the arrival time! Luckily for us the hostel let us go straight to bed in the room we had booked in at for the following night for no extra cost!

We woke to find to a sunny, boiling hot day! So we dug out our long forgotten boardies, bikini and Sun screen from the bottom of our bags and laid by the pool! And that was us sorted for 3 days...and then another 2 days as we were enjoying the weather and company so much!

We went down to the beach which was ok, although we were shocked to see a huge pelican just sat on the beach. We got back to the hostel and heard people talking about dead birds being washed upon the shores in Peru. Intrigued, we Googled it and on the good old BBC website, there was a few articles saying that dead pelicans and other birds had been washed ashore on the Peruvian cost from Lima north. They weren't entirely sure why at the time but as we are writing this a short while after, we have heard that the ocean currents have shifted hence moving fish and the birds food elsewhere so they are starving.

On the 3rd night there was a full moon party at a hostel called The Point. Pretty much everyone from every hostel went meaning that the place was packed. We had a great night with the people we had met at our hostel getting home in the early hours. The next morning Emma had breakfast all to herself as everyone else was still in bed. Breakfast was usually a time where you had to get in before everyone else especially the Argentine people. The Argies were particularly 'bargy' at breakfast, forcing the comment 'damn Argies stealing our breakfast'! They were pretty rude and moody especially to the British. Well we have the Falklands so there(- joke!)

We spent a couple more days sunbathing and swimming in the swimming pool before deciding to move on to the next place which also happens to be a beach town!

Before leaving we both had epic burgers from 'burger beach' who have ripped off the burger king sign but do better burgers! The burgers all came with chip stick crisps which was strange but worked! We caught our first overnight luxury bus. It was really swish, with seats that reclined a long way and free WiFi! We were given food and a glass of coke as our supper before watching the movie. Although we both fell asleep before it ended.



Jenny s
looks great, regarding your comment about the falklands you may not have heard as you have been out of touch for the last 4 months but it is becoming a very 'sensitive' subject again. We have just come back from a week-end at cotswold hobourne, it was great but not quite up to the standard you have become used to.
Paul S
Drinking BIG drinks in the pool must give you muscles?
Surprising how much a couple of thousand metres makes to the temperature. Nice to see you having some time out to relax.

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