Friday, May 11, 2012

We arrived in Trujillo on time and feeling fresh. We got a taxi from the bus depot to Huanchaco which is where we'd be staying. The taxi driver told us that the place we wanted to stay in wasn't there anymore. We were sceptical to say the least but went to a few places he recommended anyway. They didn't speak English or look like tourist friendly places to stay so after driving around the town to the hotels he would get commission from we decided to find somewhere on our own. His friendliness ended there as he drove off!

We walked up the main street where a surfer came and asked us if we wanted to stay somewhere. He told us that he was staying in a small hotel close by. When he mentioned it had cats we said we'd have to pass as Kris is allergic. On hearing this he had a solution for us...drink our own piss! Apparently there's a conspiracy with the government and they are refusing to pass on this great advice! He drank his urine every morning, and we should too! This far from tempted us to be in the same hostel as this madman so we continued on.

We found somewhere nice in the end that had a room with ocean views and the sounds of waves. We had a wonder around the town which looked quite nice although there was a lot of rubbish on the beach. Apparently its really busy in their summer holidays but it felt like a ghost town! This is the 2nd beach town we have visited and we were a little dissapointed with the actual beach at both of them.

That night we met up with Martin and Adam who we met in Mancora and had a meal and a beer.

The next day we went to a place called Chan Chan which from 850 AD was a royal city for the Chimu empire. The city was found under the sand/soil, and they're still discovering more. Its a huge complex of squares and rooms which was built for royalty until the Incas conquered the Chimu in around 1460. It was pretty interesting and it helped having a guide who spoke English.

When we got back Kris wasn't feeling too good so spent the rest of the day in bed while Emma read her book. Adam and Martin were meant to leave that morning, but on arriving at the bus station found out there was a strike and blockade that meant no buses could get through to Lima, so had to stay another few nights in Huanchanco. We all hoped it didn't last too long! That evening Emma and the guys went to a very British event...a tea party. There were scones, cakes and teas but there wasn't quite enough to go around!

Our final day in Huanchaco was spent on the sundeck, beach and watching a movie until there was a power cut. So we had to revert to telling ghost stories by candle light.

That evening we went to the bus station to goto Lima. There are many bus companies here and they all have there own bus station which is more like an airport with security and receipts for your luggage which is good.

Next stop is the capital of Peru, Lima.



Jenny s
are you sure the surfer wasn't just 'taking the p#ss'? still I suppose it saves on the cost of having to pay for your drinks.
Stevie G are you suggesting that the Chimu invented pac-man ;-)
Paul D
And I thought the colour was sunburn

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