Friday, January 13, 2012

The train to Pushkar was flippen freezing! We were in 'Seat' class which consisted of benches that just about sat 3 people and faced another 3, with only a thin pad to sit on, so it was very hard and uncomfortable for 5 hours!!

The view from the train to Pushkar wasn't great either, as we went past lots of men pooing in rivers, hedges, even right in the middle of fields for everyone to see. And so much rubbish!!! The only thing that helped were the 2 cups each of Chai we had halfway through. Chai is like a sweet tea with masala spice. Everyone drinks it here and when you get use to it its pretty nice! We made Chai in the cookery course and found out the Masala we used contained 40 different ingredients! It also very cheap, we paid 5 rupees a cup on the train (6p!)

The worse part was that it just didn't get any warmer on the train, despite the temperature outside - we could see our breath! So we were very glad to get off!! Yeah yeah we know it's cold back home, but this is India, we expected it to be warmer and don't really have the clothes for it. The temperatures here varies a lot from day to night. It's winter at the moment and during the day its a pleasant 20 degrees but at night it drops to 5. The hotels are cold because they are all open to the outside, marble floor etc. This is good for when its 45 degrees in the summer but not so for good now!

Anyway, back to Pushkar. We got the bus from nearby Ajmer over Snakes Pass before arriving. We hadn't booked so were winging it. We headed to a hotel we'd seen on the internet that backed onto the Lake. They had room but only with shared bathroom, we had a look and the 2 rooms they showed us were really good. We chose the one with the balcony, all for 400 rupees per night (about £5)! Bargain! We've been paying from 400-600 rupees for our accommodation here so its been cheap but very budget style rooms though! A typical room will have a bed, a light and off colour white bedding and peeling paint! So having a balcony is unheard of!

We sat in the sun on the balcony warming up for the next hour. It was so peaceful as the holy Lake was below us. It was also great for people watching!

We sat and watched the sunset then got pizza and chips. We love curry, we really do, but you got to stop at some point for a change and we drew the line at 13 in 13 days! I think that's fair!!!

The next day we sat on the balcony and started to plan the rest of the trip. We took a break and climbed up the hill that overlooks the lake. There was a temple at the top but it was pretty unremarkable, but that was OK as we'd come for the views which were great. We bought our first clothes so look out for in upcoming photos for those.

Our last day in Pushkar, generally consisted of sitting on the balcony. We did book our trains out of here to the next place, which will hopefully be a safari! Kris is also feeling ill again after briefly getting better, he had a curry when his belly needed a little more rest!

Pushkar has been a nice stop, it's so small that we walked around town in 30 minutes.

We forget to mention that Pushkar is alcohol and egg free amongst other items. Although I'm not sure what was in Kris's omlette sandwich if it wasn't eggs! The no beer rule didn't matter to us as we've hardly drank since NYE. The Kingfisher beer isn't that nice.

Another early start on the last day to get to Ranthambore National Park for a Tiger Safari !

Balcony Video

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Paul S
After so many currys you'll find our meat and two veg bland and boaring! or you`ll never want to see a curry again(no I cant see that) Glad your enjoying the adventure Love dad
Claude Ball II
Puaskar looks great and a lot less hectic. Train journey sounded fun !!!
Kris and Emma
Oh we would definately take bland food over curry at the moment! Kris is now ill for 3rd time!

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