Friday, June 1, 2012

We decided to splash out on 'cama' seats for the bus as for some reason they were only £2.50 more than 'semi cama' and as they are are downstairs, wider and more comfortable it would be totally worth it! We all pretty much got a good night sleep, although Karen did say she was still cold with her 6 layers on, hat and gloves, as the bus said it was 18-19 degrees. Karen thought this was Fahrenheit, but when we pointed out that if that was the case it would be -7 degrees Celsius she released that maybe it wasn't that cold (65C). A true always cold Sealey!

Due to border opening times we had to wait in Puno for 2 hours at 6am before continuing. The border crossings were pretty smooth. Peru put a stamp to say we'd left, we walked 2 minutes up the hill and Bolivia put a stamp in our passports to say we'd arrived. Americans had to pay $150 to get in while the rest of us got in for free! Two Chinese people even got turned away and had to return to Peru as they didn't have a visa (something we didn't need).

We arrived at our first destination in Boliva, Copacabana which is a town on the edge of Lake Titicaca. At 3841 metres, its only 254m lower than than the mountain we climbed in Borneo, the difference being that by now we were use to these ridiculously dizzy heights!!

We read about a place in the lonely planet that sounded fantastic, but with nothing booked we weren't counting our chickens! We turned up and they had 1 'house' available for 1 night and another for the next night. We got shown the place and were like excited kids as we opened the door to see a round double bed, kitchen, an upstairs bed, a wood burning fire and amazing views of Lake Titicaca. Karen even had her own separate floor raised above like a barn loft. It was all so nice, and really beautifully designed. This would cost us $60 US dollars a night but between 3 of us and for what we were getting it was a bargain. Karen and Emma literally jumped up and down like children!!

We went into town and purchased snacks and supplies so we wouldn't have to leave the house again. We sunbathed in hammocks and deck chairs until the sun went down when it was time for the main event! Kris lit the fire and we all watched the sunset over the lake. Karen cooked us a pasta dinner for which she did the best should could with the rubbish ingredients.available in the village. The vegetables were soft and our veggie pasta parcels had weird hard bits in that seemed like rubbish meat! To make up for it though we had a dessert of fruit salad and creme. We of course enjoyed this with a couple of bottles of red wine which, with the fire roaring made it so cosy! We ran out of wood at about the right time so went to bed nice and warm.

We woke up early, checked out and made our way to the lake for the day trip to Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) which had booked the day before. The boat was packed full with people also braving the cold and sitting on the roof! The boat then moved at a pace we weren't ready for. It really was the boat equivalent of a snail! We would have moved faster if Emma and Karen had rowed...and they row in circles! Needless to say the scenery didn't change that often!

We eventually made it to Isla del Sol and started the walking trail. The views from the trail were pretty good as it took us the 8km from north to south of the island. The lake is so huge it definitely looked more like the sea, especially due to the sandy beaches on the lake side. We also passed a couple of Inca ruins, the most interesting one being really small houses overlooking the lake. We made it back in time to have a lunch and catch the boat back. As it was warmer we sat on top as we made it back to shore on the worlds slowest boat.

We bought some more snacks before eagerly heading back to our 'hostel' as the owner called it. On our second night we had the house that looked like a castle. Walking in was equally as impressive as the other building however this was set over 3 floors. The top floor had a hammock and a couple of chairs where we drank tea and enjoyed the sunset. The middle floor had a round bed, single bed, table and chairs, a woodburner and again panoramic views of Lake Titicaca. Words and photos can not do it justice! After the pretty much disastrous pasta the night before we decided to get a takeaway pizza and enjoyed more very nice Bolivian red wine. We couldn't have been more relaxed as we sat by the fire playing cards and drinking wine!

We enjoyed the house til check out time where on doing so we met the owner/designer of all the buildings. He was a nice guy and every bit as quirky as the houses he had designed!

We had lunch before catching the 4 hour bus to La Paz, the capital city in Bolivia.



what a quirky house, but you all looked quite comfy in it, is that a pig walking on the beach? whats the Kris pop like?
The 6 layers (pronounced lairs for you Em)was needed! My pillow got stuck to the ice on the inside of the coach window going back to La Paz!! The 3 floors private 'hostel' was amazing!!! Fab times :-D
Paul S
I think if I was there I would forget the rest of the trip and stay in the house sorry hostel. who.....pigged out on the beach ha ha ha
The Kris pop was very sweet so good for a morning sugar hit. Isn't there always a pig on a beach?! Just Boliva then. Would have loved to stay in either of the houses longer but we decided we would drink too much red wine ans become alcoholics!

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